Serenity Rapé

This special rapé comes from our friends in Brazil that have spent many years studying and apprenticing with the master rapé makers of the indigenous tribes, and they are now sharing their own medicine.  This rapé is made with tsunu ash and Pixuri Leaves.

It is an aromatic rapé that has a very pleasant scent with subtle notes of citrus.  Pixuri leaves are rich in safrole, eucalyptol, alpha terpinene, and eugenol which give this rapé its particular flavor and benefits.  True to its name, a feeling of serenity washes over you as this rapé takes effect.  This rapé has a wonderful gentle calming and euphoric effect, leaving you in a happy serene state with mental clarity.  It is an excellent medicine for depression and anxiety.  It is also very opening for the sinuses and leaves the user with the ability to breath deep fresh air.  Physically it can help strengthen the immune system and is also helpful in cases of low vitality.  It is also a great rapé to use for studies and activities that require high concentration and focus.

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