Savasana Rapé

This special rapé comes from our friends in Brazil that have spent many years studying and apprenticing with the master rapé makers of the indigenous tribes, and they are now sharing their own medicine.  One of the main ingredients in this rapé are Mulungu Ashes and Leaves.

This is a stronger rapé that has profound relaxing effects.  It is very useful for insomnia and helps promote restful sleep because of how relaxing it is.  It is very soothing and slightly sedative, but doesn't overwhelm one physically leaving the user capable of movement for ones daily activities.  This rapé has a nice grounding effect which can aid with emotional states such as anger, hysteria, anxiety, restlessness, and panic attacks. It can be used in the treatment of stress-related psychological problems which helps a person feel relaxed and more able to perform their daily tasks.  On a physical level, it tones, balances and strengthens the liver.

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