***NEW*** Recharge Rapé

This rapé is made by the Shawadawa tribe in Brazil.  It is a medium strength rapé that is energizing and slightly grounding. The special ingredient in this rapé is an herb called Putuvi. Putuvi is traditionally used for headaches, flu, mental disturbance and fatigue.  A large amount of power and energy can be felt in the first few moments of administration with a subtle and peaceful after effect. The mind is released of thoughts and one is brought into a peaceful space with a high level of focus.  This is a great rapé to use before any physical activity as it helps combat fatigue.  This rapé primarly works on the solar plexus chakra.  The solar plexus acts like our internal battery. When it’s charged and radiating with energy, we have what we need to take confident action. And, we can see more clearly what steps we need to take.  This solar plexus is the source of our will to act: to do the difficult things, to face our challenges, and to own our choices. Thus, this is a great rapé to use when you need to manifest things into your life and make important changes.



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