Lucid Dream Rapé

An exclusive and special blend of different rapés which include different sacred plants, trees, leaves, ashes, and flowers. One of the main magical ingredients in this blend is passionflower. This rapé is great before going to sleep and for lucid dreaming.  It helps evoke profoundly vivid dreams and also helps with dream recall.  It is powerful, yet relaxing.  Its also opens up the third eye chakra and is great for total clarity of mind before going to sleep.  This rapé also helps expand mental and psychic abilities. You won't find this blend anywhere else!

***To achieve maximum lucid dreaming results, it is recommended to set an alarm a couple of hours before you need to get up, and then to meditate with this rapé before going back to sleep.  Many lucid dreamers use this technique of intentionally awakening at a set time to partially wake their minds up so their awareness is heightened.***

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