Inner Harmony Rapé

This is a very special rapé that is made by the Katukina Tribe and contains many different sacred plants, trees, leaves, and ashes.  This is a great rapé to use for clearing energies as well as grounding, and is known to restore inner balance through full body chakra alignment.  It is also reported to help with decalcifying the pineal gland.  Although somewhat mild, this is a great rapé to use for releasing any heavy energies/entities as well.  This rapé is also very useful for any Yin and Yang energy imbalances throughout the body as well as balancing light and heavy energies.  After administration, you will notice a calm, focused, and very balanced energy as the end result.  Because this rapé is known for balance, it is great to use when you might be feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or even have vertigo.  A favorite among Libras which are known to appreciate balance more than any other zodiac signs.