Apurina Rapé

This rapé is made by the Apurina Tribe from Brazil.  It is a rare and precious green rapé which is used to connect deeply to the sacred plants and tree spirits of the forest.  It is a very gentle rapé which is great for a meditation to connect with Pachamama (mother earth).  It helps to open the senses, gives clarity and can intensify your dreams.  The Apurina tribe make this rapé from a plant they call Awiry. Because Awiry grows close to the river, this rapé can only be made in the dry season when the river is low and thus it is normally in very limited supply.  The flavor of this rapé can be compared to that of matcha and the feeling from it can be described as a gentle euphoric calm that washes over you while subtly amplifying the senses.  It is the most gentle rapé that we carry, so some people might like to mix this in with a stronger type.  It is green in color, unlike the other rapé's which are brown, and is considered a raw living rapé.

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