Where do you ship to? How long is Delivery? Is my package tracked?

We ship from the United States to all over the world.  Within the United States, we ship USPS Priority mail with tracking.  For international orders, we ship First Class Mail (limited tracking) or Priority Mail (full tracking). Product will be shipped out within 2 business days of order, but usually the next day. Approximate delivery times within US are 2-3 business days once shipped. International is 1-3 weeks with first class mail and 6-10 business days with Priority Mail (Please note that above shipping times are rough estimates. There can be extra delays due to Customs checks, Postal delays or Postal Strikes. We are NOT responsible for any potential shipping delays). After your package is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with tracking number (if available).

What are the best storage containers and conditions for rapé?

Rapés are very finely powdered snuffs, so they easily absorb moisture from the air.  To keep them fresh and moisture-free, please ensure you keep them stored in the airtight containers they come in. Also, it’s best to keep them away from humid, damp and wet environments, and best stored away from direct sunlight.


What are the applicator pipes called? Which side of the pipe do I blow?

In the Brazilian tradition, the self-applicator pipe is called “Kuripe”, and the blow pipe to pass another person is called “Tepi”.  Traditionally, rapé is applied by using a pipe made from bamboo or bone, which is blown through each nostril on both sides. You always blow into the left nostril first to represent a metaphorical death, and then into the right nostril to represent rebirth. Rapé can also be self-administered using a V-shaped self-applicator pipe, which connects the mouth to the nostrils – Kuripe.  Alternatively, it can be administered by another person using a blow pipe, which connects the blower’s mouth to the other person’s nostrils – Tepi.  You always put the shorter end of either pipe in your mouth to blow, and the longer end goes inside the nostril.

When should I use rapé? How often? What dosage?

We generally recommend working with rapé once per day, and usually not exceeding more then 2 times.  However, this depends on each person’s tolerance levels and also their personal situation. If you are going through a particularly stressful and sick period, you may decide to use it more regularly. For some people several times a week is fine, or only during Ayahuasca or other medicine ceremonies.  For others, they may need to work intensively with these medicines to do some very deep work, purging, and intensive healing. Please listen to your body, intuition, and the spirit of these sacred medicines – they will guide you, as to what’s best for you personally.

Generally, we suggest a half a pea-sized amount of rapé for each nostril for beginners, and then increasing the dosage after prolonged use of one type of rapé. However, everyone has naturally difference tolerance levels, so some people may require larger doses, and others smaller doses. Please experiment to see what works for you personally. 

Is it important to have a specific intention or question when using rapé?

Yes, it can be very useful to hold a specific intention, or asking a specific question during each rapé session. They are very powerful teacher plant spirits. Thus, as you develop a relationship and connection with each one, they will cleanse, heal, teach and guide you personally.  They are very sacred, precious and rare medicines, which should always be treated with respect, love, gratitude, and used within a sacred ceremonial space.

Should I spit if I experience lots of phlegm or mucous? How do I keep it from dripping in my throat?

Yes, if you have a lot of phlegm or mucous in the back of your throat, dripping down your throat, or in your mouth, then please spit it out in a bucket immediately, as it’s toxic or negative energy that is being released and expelled. You do not want to swallow it back inside.  In order to prevent the rapé from dripping into your throat, you will want to keep your head down so it will drip down through your nose and not in your throat.

Should I keep the rapé in my nostrils or blow it out?

You should try to keep the rapé in your nostrils for as long as comfortably possible so the medicine can be absorbed through the bloodstream.  It is best to breathe in through the nose if possible for this.  Then, you can blow your nose with tissue as many times as it’s necessary for you.

When should I use rapé during Ayahuasca or other medicine ceremonies?

Traditionally during many indigenous Brazilian ceremonies with the Yawanawa, Kaxinawa, and Katukina, they normally use rapé during Ayahuasca ceremonies.  In our experience, there are several instances as to why you may want to use rapé during Ayahuasca or other sacred medicine ceremonies:  

  • Several hours before ceremony – to cleanse, purge, release, clear, and re-align your energies in preparation for ceremony. This will enable Ayahuasca/other medicine to go much deeper with less physical and energetic cleansing or purging required. So, you can focus more on the teachings, and less on purging and vomiting.  
  • If you’re feeling very nauseous for a prolonged period of time during ceremony, and the energy is very blocked and stuck for a long time. Rapé can miraculously assist to move the energy very quickly within seconds/minutes, so you can either release, vomit or go to the bathroom quickly. 
  • If you need bit more medicine, but are not quite ready for another full cup/dose of medicine, and you need a small top-up. Rapé can make other medicines stronger and open them up. A good dose of rapé can intensify whatever medicine you’re working with. 
  • If you feel the desire to go much deeper and explore further with the medicine you’re already working with.
  • To cleanse and release after ceremony especially if you picked up any negative or heavy energies/entities during ceremony.  

We have worked extensively with many Rapés during many different medicine ceremonies – Ayahuasca, San Pedro/Huachuma, Mushrooms, etc.  You will notice that different Rapés will work better with different medicines, as they are more of a similar vibrational frequency.

Is it normal to experience vomiting, spitting and bowel movements during/after rapé session?

Yes, it’s very common – most rapés have a very deeply cleansing effect on the body, energetic field, emotions, mental stress, confusion and spiritual alignment. Therefore, you may experience deep purging and releasing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Also, it can be a deep release of long held sickness in the body, psyche, emotional field, and ‘soul loss’. Please allow your physical and energetic bodies to release, re-align and re-configure. You will need a bucket, tissue, drinking water and toilet nearby. Also, if it’s been a very strong session, then you may need to lie down and rest for 30 minutes to 1 hour after the rapé session to allow time for integration and deep re-alignment.  If you feel dizzy or ungrounded afterwards, then please drink natural fruit juice or herbal tea with honey (ideally mint or camomile – no caffeine), and rest. The natural sugars will help to ground you, and the liquid will re-hydrate you, and slowly bring you back into ‘normal’ reality.

What is your return policy?

Once purchased, we do not return Rapé or other perishable products. This is to make sure you will always receive a verified product from us and not something that has been returned.