Shawadawa Rapé

This rapé is made by the Shawadawa tribe in Brazil and is one of the strongest rapés that we carry.  It is a very powerful rapé with a very masculine, yet earthy energy, and has spicy and peppery notes.  This is one of the best rapés to use when you need something very strong, deeply cleansing, and purgative.  It is especially great for cleansing any heavy energies/entities, blocked emotions, and intense mental activity.  It is wonderful at clearing confusion, and brings clarity and light.  This rapé is great for men or women, who want to work deeply with a very strong masculine energy, and become more aligned with their soul’s purpose, inner alignment, direction, focus and assertiveness.  This is an excellent Rapè to use when you feel like you might be coming down with a cold/flu or might already have one. It also has the ability to help reduce fever.  This is the one of the best Rapès to use if you get sick. Additionally, this is also a great Rapè to use with plant ceremonies if you feel any heavy energies during the ceremony.  It can miraculously assist moving any blocked or stuck energies giving a newfound feeling of refreshment. Since it is a very masculine energy, it is great to use with more masculine plant spirits like San Pedro or Peyote.  Additionally, it is also used sometimes at the end of a ceremony to cleanse and release any negative or heavy energies/entities that one might pick up during ceremony. 

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