Awareness Rapé

This rapé is made by the one of the top rapé masters from the Nukini Tribe in Brazil.  It is made with Tsunu ashes and a wonderful herb called Lourim or Lourinho.  Lourim is a herb that has a refreshing minty and anise like flavor that helps the respiratory system.  Thus, this is a great rapé to use to clear the sinuses.  In addition, this rapé helps to relax and clear the body, apart from clearing the mind and relaxing the spirit.  It is a nice grounding rapé that can also help balance acidity in the stomach when feeling nausea.  The most powerful benefit of this rapé, however, is that it elevates the mind.  It can help with overcoming negative thought patterns, and more importantly, just overall assist in re-wiring your brain.  If you are looking to dig deep into the subconscious, this rapé is an excellent tool to do so.  It can help with seeing the bigger picture and thinking about how things fit together, by viewing things from above the ego.  It is great for meditation where you want to separate yourself from your thoughts and become an observer, or to go even deeper where you observe the observer. 

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