***NEW*** High Spirits Rapé

This rapé is made by the Nukini Tribe from Brazil.  It is a medium strength rapé made with tsunu ash and leaves from a special herb known as Cravinho.  Cravinho is known as little clove because the smell is very similar to that of cloves.  This is a slightly grounding, calming, and euphoric rapé that is primarily used to promote good energy within the mind and body.  Upon application, you will instantly feel your mood boost and have a more positive outlook. Cravinho is known to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties, so it is also a good rapé to use to strengthen the immune system and can help prevent against the cold and flu.  It relaxes and strengthens the body on both the physical and emotional levels, and is a great rapé to use anytime of the day.  It is also a good rapé to use for headaches.

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