Eternal Bliss Rapé

This special rapé comes from our friends in Brazil that have spent many years studying and apprenticing with the master rapé makers of the indigenous tribes, and they are now sharing their own medicine.  Some of the ingredients in this magical rapé include nissural leaves in addition to cacao, tsunu, and murici ashes.

This is a very gentle and aromatic rapé that is great for beginners, but also the more experienced users as well.  The burn is very minimal with this rapé and it has a very nice calming effect that helps with stress.  The cleansing mainly acts on the energetic/astral body. It promotes a natural flow of energy by removing denser energies that can cause imbalances in the body which can lead to disease. It is also a very good rapé for neutralizing upset state of minds and re-balancing the nervous system.  On a physical level, it can help with blood circulation.  One of the active ingredients in this rapé is the Nissural plant which is an all around strengthener of both body and spirit.  It connects deeply with the ancient healing wisdom of the forest.

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