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 Bad Trips.  Why They Happen, How to Avoid Them, and How to Turn Them Around.

          We have all had journeys that have gone south.  Some might have been to improper set and setting, but others for no apparent reason.  I’m here to tell you that there is always a reason. Whether you’re working with Mushrooms, LSD, San Pedro, or even Ayahuasca, sometimes, the feelings can get quite uncomfortable and the journey can turn into a “bad trip”.  While all experienced Psychonauts know that mindset, setting, and the people you are with are the 3 main factors, there are also factors that many people tend to overlook completely.  But first, let’s look at the basics.

          If you are working with psychedelics and are not in the right frame of mind, things can go south really fast.  I always recommend meditating before embarking on any kind of journey to clear your mind and set your intention.  This is of the upmost importance.  But even so, if you are dealing with any unresolved issues, they will most certainly come up during your trip.  Most Psychonauts know that in order to experience bliss, you first have to face your demons.  When I first started experimenting with mushrooms, I didn’t like them too much because I would always be confronted with what I would call “file cabinets”.  These were recurring thoughts that would lead to other thoughts in a never-ending cycle.  They were always about things that I have not dealt with in life and they would make the trips very difficult.  The thoughts would intensify and get to the point where I was feeling so much heavy energy that the rest of the journey would become hell for me.  No matter how hard I tried to think of positive things, the heavy energy would always come back.  So how can we get around this?  Well first off, the most effective way is to have a daily meditation practice.  By doing this, you will learn to train your mind to be able to navigate your thoughts in any direction you want.  Another way is to use Rapé.

Rapé bad trips ayahuasca magic mushrooms

          Rapé is a sacred snuff that is made from different kinds of plants leaves and ashes, often with a base of special jungle tobacco.  It has been used by shamans and indigenous people for thousands of years.  There are many different kinds and many uses, ranging from clearing heavy energy, removing sickness, assisting energy flow in your chakras, and even opening your third eye.  If you use the right Rapé during a journey where you are experiencing heavy thoughts or energies, a quick blow helps to ground you instantly and significantly helps in moving heavy energies out of your astral body.  If I knew about this miracle medicine when I first started using mushrooms, my journeys would have been A LOT easier.  The next two factors, setting and the people you are with kind of tie together.  But in order to understand why, you first have to understand what kind of impact using psychedelics has on your astral body. 

Whenever you get high on anything, whether its marijuana, mushrooms, lsd, or even drunk on alcohol, your energetic body, or aura, expands and opens you up energetically speaking.  When it expands, it can create rips or holes in your aura which are basically open invitations for entities to come into your astral body.           

          Now a discussion about what entities are is enough for a whole other blog post, so for simplicity, when referring to entities in this post, we can think of them as negative or heavy energies that don’t belong to us.  Have you ever seen someone who is drunk be very happy one moment, and then the next moment, he or she is completely angry and irrational?  This is a great example of entities coming in and attaching onto their aura affecting their thinking and manipulating their emotions.  Now how does this relate to people?  Well, it’s very simple.  Most people carry around entities without them even knowing, and when your astral body is open around such people, entities love to play hop scotch and jump from one person to another.  That’s one of the reasons why it’s not so great to use psychedelics at densely populated events such as raves/music festivals. Even though you might receive a lot of positive energy coming into your aura, it’s also very likely that you will attract entities as well.  Have you ever went to a music festival, took some lsd or mushrooms, only to realize that all of a sudden you are feeling uncomfortable, feeling a lot of heavy energy, and your trip is starting to go a little south?  It’s most likely that you picked up some entities along the way and now they are affecting your mindset.  So what can you do?

          You can wait until you get home and take a bath with Epsom salt which is known to remove entities that aren’t deeply entrenched into your astral body.  Smudging with Sage or Palo Santo can also help.  You can also do some kinds of meditation that can help clear your energy as well.  In addition, another way you can remove the entities is with certain kinds of Rapé.  This is a more powerful way to remove entities then the above methods.  However, you always want to do this as soon as you suspect anything, because the longer the entities stay in your energetic body, the more they become entrenched, and it gets harder to remove them.

          Now that we know that Rapé can remove heavy energy during a journey, it’s also important to note that it can help with removing such energy before using psychedelics as well, which can help make your journey much easier and bring you more bliss.  You can also use different Rapé before journeying for helping assist energy flow between your chakras and even transmuting that energy to your third eye or crown chakras for enhanced visions or universal connection.  In addition, you can also use some kinds of Rapé during your journey to help induce visions and intensify whatever entheogen you are working with.  

          I hope this blog post sheds some light on your future journeys and opens some eyes to what really happens when you consume any kind of entheogen.   Also, if you would like to purchase some Rapé, please take a look and browse the site.  We sell many different kinds for a multitude of purposes.  Safe and Happy Journeying to you all! =)